Road Safety

Road safety is a result of contributing efforts from all the sectors of the society including both civilians and Govt. officials. In addition to the human sufferings, the estimated costs of the road injuries are a noticeable amount in GNP per annum. So, some tips can be fruitful in this direction.


India has the second largest road network in the world with over 3 million km of roads of which 60% are paved. These roads make a vital contribution to the India's economy. On the whole, the facilities for the road users are not up to the mark, leading to a high toll of the death victims. Recently, there is a growing concern over the road crash problem.


Road Safety in India

With the advancement of technology, the most developed projects undertaken along with the real estate are the massive road building projects. But while new roads are being built, faster and faster automobiles are being invented in high numbers making road safety a crucial question.


Road safety is emerging as a major social concern in the country. The statistics are mind boggling with an average mortality rate of 100,000 persons dying in road accidents.


Few important Road Safety Tips are mentioned below:

Don't use your mobile phone whilst driving
Don't drink and drive
Always adhere to speed limits
Take special care about children, senior citizens and pedestrians
Don't drive if tired
Always observe and anticipate other road users
Keep your distances.
Always wear helmets and protective gears


Riding with a group of superbikes/motorcyclists is one of the great thrills of the two-wheeled lifestyle, but it can also hold hidden dangers. If you decide to join a group of motorcyclists, you’ll want to keep the following points in mind as you amble down the road:


Ride in a Staggered Formation When Possible
Look Ahead
Pass One Bike at a Time
Be Predictable
Seek Feedback From Skilled Riders


Group riding can bring out our competitive streaks, and it’s important not to get trapped in the game of trying to be the fastest rider. Public roads are not the place to practice high-performance riding techniques; to get your speed on, try exploring your bikes limits at a track day.